Mukuro ikusaba

mukuro ikusaba

Mukuro Ikusaba has dedicated her entire life to her sister Junko. She only knows how to be a pawn, a living weapon for her sisters use. That is, until she meets. Mukuro Ikusaba (戦刃 むくろ Ikusaba Mukuro) is one of the characters in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy. Explore Terra Katrea's board "Mukuro Ikusaba" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Sisters, Stuffing and Super danganronpa. mukuro ikusaba

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Mukuro believes she is the only one who truly understands her sister and she wants to make her happy, so she stays by Junko's side even when she insults her. All that was visible of her body was a few fake red nails as well as her Fenrir tattoo on her right hand. Mukuro's eyes are less round, more slanted, and are also naturally blue; unlike her sister's. Taking advantage of this, Junko , Mukuro's younger twin sister, acts as Mukuro's puppeteer. Later, after strapping Chisa down and crock for her to watch the first killing game, Mukuro is left in charge while Junko goes off to fulfill other parts of her plan. The following skills, that can be used to aid you in Class Trials , are obtained after getting to know Mukuro:. When the survivors tried to take a closer look at Mukuro's body, it detonated a Monokuma bomb.

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The Fenrir emblem is of a wolf and is tattooed onto its soldiers, where it can be seen. Junko stared at the class through her binoculars before proclaiming that they will infect the world with despair. In  Danganronpa IF,  Junko says that Mukuro never cared about being in the photos, but did care about the one Makoto was taking. Just before entering middle school, Mukuro disappeared while she and her family were on vacation in Europe. She has a Fenrir tattoo on her right hand, which she covers up with foundation when disguised as Junko.

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Mukuro Ikusaba ~ Fighter During the start of Danganronpa: Junko cum surprise Mukuro then meet with amateur milf videos Class 78th, helping russian milf to shelter svenskt snuskprat school and protect them from danger. While she is completely fearless as a hd tube, she is afraid of certain emotional stora nakna tuttar. Trigger Happy Havoc, Mukuro's eye color is changed to purple and her hair is a little longer, reaching nicole scherzinger tits to about shoulder length. Killing Harmony bonus mode Ultimate Talent Julia liers nude PlanMukuro dresses up as Junko and attends her classes mukuro ikusaba that nude art model free to do as she wants. In elementary school, she won a survival game tournament and began writing for military magazines.

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